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  • 3-Aminophenol(MAP)

    Content: more than 99%. 
    English name: 3-Aminophenol (MAP). 
    Chemical formula: C6H7NO; HOC6H4NH2
    Molecular weight: 109.13. 
    CAS No: 591-27-5. 
    EINECS: 209-711-2. 
    Melting point: 123C boiling point: 164C flash point: 155C (> 230F) Refractive Index: N20/D1.439. 
    Properties: White crystal, easy to change color in light; colorless in concentrated sulfuric acid, still colorless after dilution, its aqueous solution changed from colorless to brown with ferric chloride. 
    Product packaging: 25KG woven bag packaging, customized by customers. 
    Storage condition: 2-8 ℃. 
    Application: HG/T 4424-2012, can be used in food spices, dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates, in the production of rhodamine, direct black, developer, color film, stabilizer, betaine raw materials, rust amine, p-aminosalicylic acid, etc.


    Contact: Xu Dongsheng; Tel: +86-15161908099; Email: xudongsheng@hbglobal.com

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